Training Goals

Goal Setting for Power Training Cyclists

What goals should you aim for when training with power? Should you chase an increase in Functional Threshold Power (FTP) or should you base your goals on the amount of training you can do? To answer this question, you must ask `what can I control?’.

Can you control FTP? Your FTP is determined by two things; the amount of training that you do, and your genetic limit. We believe that you should focus on the amount and quality of training you can do, the aspects of performance you can control.

We focus your training, and your goals, on the best quality training to maximise the results of the amount of training you can do. This will get you as close as possible to your genetic limit, within the limits of your ability to train (i.e. job, family, life commitments, etc.)

Should winning races or a time in a time trial be my goal?

We’d all like to win the “X” championships – they might be world championships, national championships, club championships, or just the weekly group ride championships. That’s the problem, we’d all like to win them! So many things come into who will win them; things beyond our control, like, weather, tactics, punctures, etc. etc. So, what should your goal be for the A race(s) in your season? The goal we suggest is, “to ride well and leave nothing in the tank”.

It’s tempting to target a time in a time trial as goal. The race of truth often lies. What are the weather conditions? How was the road surface? There are many ways that the race of truth can mislead us. What should your goal for a time trial be? We suggest that an average power for the duration is the only thing you can control, if you prepare well, stay healthy, etc.