What do they mean?

What do all those anagrams mean, eg. TSS, IF, CTL, WKO+, etc.? The majority of these statistics are from Andy Coggan and have been popularized through the WKO+ software. Here’s an introductory guide:
FTP Functional Threshold Power – The average power you can produce on a good day when well rested for one hour. There are various manners of estimating your FTP, as doing an all out one hour effort is more than many want to undertake frequently.
WKO+ the commercial standard power analysis software (we use it every day).
TSS Training Stress Score – The amount of training stress calculated by WKO+, or other software, that your training ride generated. It is related to your FTP and how your ride’s power related to FTP throughout.
CTL Chronic Training Load – A statistic representing your sustained training, weighting recent training heavier than training farther back in time. Based on TSS. What have you done and how fit you are.
ATL Accute Training Load – A statistic representing your recent training load. What have you done lately.
TSB Training Stress Balance – A statistic that relates your CTL to your ATL, i.e. how fit you are related to how much you’ve done lately. A positive TSB means you’re fresh, relative to your CTL.
SST Sweet Spot Training – A zone of training in the high tempo, low threshold area, which is able to be completed frequently without accumulating too much fatigue.

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