It’s either the end of your (outdoor) season, or the start of it, either way it’s time to think about what you want to achieve in the months ahead.

If it’s moving to the off season (Southern hemisphere) what do you want to achieve in your off season? How much rest and recovery do you need/want? Are you going to allow yourself to gain a couple of kilograms? What cross training will you do? Will you do some core/strength/functional strength training? And for all these questions, why will you choose that option? How does it fit into your goals for next season? Your goals for your life?

If it’s the start of the season, what can you control (winning road races isn’t in your control, doing your best in them is)? Will you train every day, four times a week, etc.? Will you increase your FTP by X%? Will you do X amount (hours, TSS, meters climbed, kilometers covered, etc.) of training?

Setting goals now is a requirement for achieving a successful season (or off season). Write them down. Reflect on them. Revisit them frequently. And, continually ask yourself (your coach would do this for you) is the training and resting I’m doing today contributing to me meeting my goals?

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